Enjoys modernist cuisine, sous vide, molecular gastronomy, farm to table, gardening, cooking, baking, lifelong learning and helping others. Please see my recent posts for recipes and inspiration. Love to cook with fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, farm to table style!

Celiac, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and living Gluten-Free since 1998.

 I have Lactose, Walnut, Kiwi and Caffeine Allergy. 2010 diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease.

In the past:  hospice cook, Sous Chef at an award winning fine dining establishment La Dolce Vita Ristorante in Oxnard,  Line Cook at Azu Restaurant in Ojai, and Chef for local events. Received award in baking contest  2016.

Escoffier Culinary Spotlight Paving the Gluten-Free Way

Escoffier Culinary Alumni

Past or Present Member: American Culinary Federation, World Association of Chef Societies, Women Chefs of WACS.

Alpha Beta Kappa

Gluten-free Cookbook Author Melissa Bess Reed, CMA




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